R.I.P – Geocities

Just heard somewhere that Yahoo Geocities will close down…more info on Yahoo Geocities Closing Down

Seriously..i miss those days when I was in my 20’s and made my first site by putting the yahoo ID and spending day/night with the colors to give a good look to the site( actually personal homepage)

Hosting sites has been so cheap now that people don’t usually prefer free hosting and want to give a professional look to the site instead of the crappy ads by the free hosting providers..

It’s been a year!

Yeah..it’s been a year since I have written anything here..it’s not that I am too busy but Yes..I am too lazy to open the wordpress admin and then login with userid/password ..but the reason now I would be quite frequent here because I have finally downloaded windows live writer and find it sweet to posts on multiple blogs that me and my team manages..I would post more about my number of sites (cough cough) but right now I would plug my company website (http://www.coderea.com) – shameless self promotion but quite required..
More about my company soon..enough for now.!

Lots Happening

More to come..Right now..i have just overcome hacking the hackers…so just chew the gum while I roll my fingers on them.